Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Makeup

..Permanent Eyeliner..

More defined eyes makes a difference to your whole face.
You can choose to have an eyelash enhancement for a natural definition or you can choose to have a bolder thicker look to give the appearance of liquid eyeliner.

It is up to you to have top, bottom or both top and bottom enhancement or eyeliner.

There is a choice of pigment colour options-not just black. There are shades of brown, ebony and grey to suit all ages and styles, of course you can always have black!

Permanent Makeup

..Eyeliner Options..

Eyeliner enhancement


+ £60 Top up

Bottom liner


+ £60 Top up

Smokey & winged liner


+ £60 Top up

Just winged eyeliner


+ £60 Top up

Frequently asked Questions

I get this question alot and surprisingly the answer is no not really, we use a topical numbing cream throughout the treatment, to keep you comfortable at all times.

If you decide to have shaded eye liner this can be more painful.

Generally it takes around 1 hour 30 mins - 3 hours including consultation, drawing the shape, colour choice and pigmentation procedure.

This has never happened. Before we start with an application, the shape will be drawn. Together with your professional, you can choose the shape and style that suits you best. Only when everything is to your complete satisfaction, the pigmentation procedure will begin.