Permanent Makeup

..Permanent Brows..

Create the illusion of fuller brows by creating the appearance of hair in the eyebrow line. Our expert technicians will create hair-like strokes. Get natural-looking brows with our expert services Microblading and powder brows.

The aim is to achieve the perfect brows for you.
There are a number of methods and these will be discussed in your consultation which usually takes place on your first appointment prior to the procedure. We are all individuals and have different ideas of what we want. Regardless of your current brow shape, hair, lack of hair, no hair, alopecia we can create beautiful symmetry in a perfect colour to suit you.

All eyebrow treatments take into account the shape of your face, your skin tone, hair and eye colour. We can create a natural realistic look with an individual hair by hair method or a bolder look. The choice is yours and we are here to advise.

Permanent Makeup

..The Brow Options..



+ £60 Top up

Powder Brows


+ £60 Top up

Ombre Brows


+ £60 Top up

Combination Brows


+ £60 Top up

Frequently asked Questions

I use the string method along side a digital ruler to check every length and thickness mulitple times. Im a prefectionist and mapping is one of the most important steps!

I will show you in the mirror as various points to put your mind at ease.

I don't touch your brows with semi permanent make up until you're happy with the pre draw.

As you can see I do multiple brow techniques, how long they last really depends on brows chosen plus skin, lifestyle, daily routine and many other factors.

They tend to last around 8-15 months but i would recommend yearly top ups to keep them looking fresh.

As a professional I try to match your brow and hair colour as much as possible.

We will look at the undertones of your skin and also test some colours agaisnt the skin. I use some of the best pigments on the market. We can add darker or lighter colours to get the perfect colour for you.